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I noticed that the most frequently asked questions I get are - “How long have you been a photographer?” and “Did you go to school for photography?” & it always seems to end up with me sharing the story of how I got here. So here it is - I’ll try to keep it short & sweet!

I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. The first camera I remember having was a polaroid izone, taking photos of my pets and plants and family members at cookouts. Growing up to be that girl with the camera, annoying my friends to take photos in middle and highschool. I began college for photojournalism; but at that time I actually had no idea what my options were other than working for the media/a newspaper, which I didn’t want to do. I made a total career path change to nursing, simply because I wanted to help people, and several years went by where I didn’t touch a camera.

Little did I know that my mom and boyfriend (now husband) had something up their sleeves - gifting me a brand new camera on the night of my nursing school graduation. (cue the tears, am I right?) However, I still didn’t do much with it and it became a back burner hobby for several more years.

It wasn’t until my own wedding when the light bulb went off. I felt an instant pull on my heart and knew that I wanted to be the one to preserve all of those special moments for others. It is a huge responsibility, and the most incredible honor. After our wedding, I dusted off my camera and dove head first into learning everything that I could. Ironically, going back to taking photos of my pets and plants and family members at cookouts.

One thing to know about me is that I don’t half ass anything - if I want something, I work tirelessly and passionately to make it happen. With that said, one of my proudest accomplishments was successfully taking my business full time in under one year. We got hitched in June of 2020, I created my photography instagram in October of 2020, and I quit my nursing job to be a full time photographer in September of 2021.

So, that’s it! That’s my story. :)

It has been a wild journey, and I am truly so grateful and humbled that I get to do this.

Get to know me!
  • My last name isn’t actually “Rob”, its Robinson! “Rob” is just kind of a nickname.
  • My perfect day? Waking up to sunshine on a crisp morning, sipping some hot coffee outside with my dog Brew as my husband makes breakfast, going on a long hike in the mountains and then cooling off by the river, grabbing a beer, then heading home to sit around a fire. OH! & throw a long hug in there somewhere, obviously. 
  • Go to coffee order? At home it’s a plain black coffee with some local raw honey! If I’m at a coffee shop, probably an iced americano or a hot vanilla latte. BUT, if they have a good lavender latte… sign. me. UP. Matcha is a fav too. (clearly, I’m great at making decisions)
  • Favorite show? NEW GIRL. It never fails.
  • Although I don’t currently teach, I spent a month in Costa Rica earning my RYT-200 back in 2015! 



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